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Obama Sits on the Fence at Our Southern Border

Posted on July 7 2010 1:00 pm
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In his speech Thursday at American University in Washington, Obama seemed to suggest that border security isn’t that important in passing immigration reform. In fact, he raised doubts that the border could be secured at all. “America’s borders are “just too vast” for the immigration problem to be solved with fences and border patrols alone,” Obama said.

Having issued that arrogant and shortsighted statement, the current White House denizen once again displayed his shocking illiteracy in history. Having graduated from Harvard, Obama should have known (or some of the eggheads working for him should have told him) the following simple historical facts:

Within the last half-century, around the globe, more than thirty (30!) countries have erected walls, barriers, and fences separating them from their neighbors. Most of these walls are extremely effective in preventing infiltration of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and drug gangs.

For instance:

  • In 2003, the African nation of Botswana built a 500 km anti-illegal immigration wall at her border with the neighboring Zimbabwe.
  • Frustrated with the unending illegal immigration, China is now constructing a 1,416 km barrier, separating her from North Korea.
  • In 2004, India erected a 550 km fence through the disputed province of Kashmir.
  • The length of the so-called Indo-Bangladeshi Barrier is 3,268 km.
  • In 1987, Morocco erected a 2,700 km barrier running along her southeastern border and preventing infiltration of Polisario insurgents.
  • Turkmenistan is now separated from the neighboring Uzbekistan by a 1,700 km wall.
  • And the most famous – and the most effective – West Bank-Israel Wall didn’t let a single suicide bomber to sneak into Israel within the last several years. The length of that wall is 703 km.

The proposed length of the USA-Mexico wall is 3,360 km, which is slightly larger than the Indo-Bangladeshi Barrier (3,268 km). It is mind-boggling to comprehend why the American president, responsible for security of the country, cannot build a border wall similar to the highly efficient barriers that Botswana, Turkmenistan, Morocco, and Israel have already successfully constructed.

“America’s borders are “just too vast,” he mumbles, sitting on the primitive fence, separating part of Arizona from her drug-infested southern neighbor, and watching the never-ending stream of Mexican illegals. (Every problem facing Obama in his presidency is “too vast” for him to be solved: the financial meltdown, the jobs disappearance, the housing crisis, the Iranian nuclear threat, the horrendous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico…)

No, Mr. Obama, it’s not the vastness of the American borders that hinders the construction of that wall – it’s the vastness of your presidential ineptitude! Get off the fence and secure our borders!

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