Rhonda Robinson

Miley Cyrus is in Dire Need of Some Politically Incorrect Parenting

Posted on July 7 2010 3:00 pm
Rhonda Robinson is part of NewsReal's editorial team. As a columnist, Rhonda has provided readers with thoughtful insight into social, political, and parenting issues since 1995.

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When is a child, not a child? Could it be when she can arouse an adult?

Of course the answer is a resounding NO. And if that question made you sick to your stomach, I apologize– and congratulate you. Obviously you are among the few, with enough functioning gray matter to understand that just because a young girl is foolish enough not to guard herself against the prying eyes of perverse men– that does not mean she’s fair game.

You may recall that was the fate of Miley Cyrus. While getting out of a car, Miley failed to do so in a “ladylike” fashion. A picture was quickly snapped with a cell phone, pixelated to give the impression the seventeen year-old wasn’t wearing underwear-then posted on Perez Hilton’s website. According to Hilton, Miss Miley is fair game. According to Miley’s father, she is a child, and that picture of his daughter is child pornography.

I contend we as a society must set the boundaries as to what is and is not permissible for adult behavior. And we as parents need to start practicing some Politically Incorrect Parenting.

Consider this: In the 1950s a child that committed a crime was treated as a child. The parents were notified, and expected to take care of the situation. Today, we have young children committing horrendous crimes. The prevailing wisdom says that a child that commits an adult crime receives an adult punishment. The actions of a child, does not change the fact he or she is still a child.

The reasoning behind the 1950s style of punishment was that a child did not have the mental capabilities to fully understand the ramifications of his or her actions—therefore could not be held fully responsible.

Most parents would testify in court that their teenager had better sense when he was seven than he does at seventeen.

A teenaged girl fully equipped for womanhood swinging her legs around in Daisy Duke shorts is like a child waving a loaded gun—she has no concept of the power she holds.

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