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Sharia: A National Security Threat

Posted on July 6 2010 4:15 pm
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by Nonie Darwish

Almost all Muslim countries have underground Islamic groups hell-bent on enforcing Sharia, Islamic Law, to the fullest.  A committed Muslim must live Sharia and claim it as a religious right.  Some in the West buy this claim even though Sharia forces itself on others, violates human rights and threatens the stability and security of nations.

Sharia states that a Muslim head of state must be a Muslim,  must rule by Sharia,  preserve Islam in its original form and reject any change.  If he meets these criteria then he must be obeyed the law says— even if he is unjust. However, if the leader does not meet the criteria,  he is condemned as an apostate and citizens are encouraged to take matters into their own hands through vigilante street justice:  Muslims are obliged to rise up and remove a leader if he is no longer a Muslim, afters the sacred law or makes reprehensible changes.  Sharia even goes so far as to say:  A Muslim will not be punished for three murders:  killing an apostate, adulterer, or a highway robber.

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