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Come Let Us Reason Together As We Smack Down Glenn Beck

Posted on July 6 2010 5:00 pm

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I don’t know about you but nothing says Fourth of July weekend to me more than watching a couple of guys, ostensibly on different sides of an issue, throw Nerf balls at each other in hopes of making it look like a fight. Thus the recent clash of the titans between Conor Friedersdorf and Matt Lewis. The subject, a recent article in the Weekly Standard by Matthew Continetti stating in essence that there are actually two Tea Parties: reasonable Rick Santelli types and the lunatic fringe led by people like Glenn Beck. (I just saved you a very long read, but in the interest of proper citation you can read the entire article here, a most excellent rebuttal by Jonah Goldberg here, and our own ACORN-slayer Matthew Vadum taking it apart here, here, and here.)

To Friedersdorf of course any opportunity to take a swing at Beck is met with the enthusiasm of a Great Dane who’s just heard the word “bone.” I had higher hopes for Lewis but clearly he got the memo that you can’t sit at the cool kids table and support Glenn Beck at the same time, so what defense there is, is perfunctory.

In fairness, Lewis does manage to ramble on for almost a minute and a half before dropping the following canard:

I think it’s a stylistic thing. Like, Glenn Beck goes on TV and cries, almost on a daily basis. … It seems maudlin and phony to me.

Matt, like, I actually listen to Beck’s radio show “almost on a daily basis” and review TV clips with about the same frequency. Over the last couple of years I have heard him cry maybe a half-dozen times. I can appreciate as a face for responsible conservatism (aka “I’m not one of the crazy ones, honest”) you prefer to argue with your indoor voice but there’s no requirement to recycle the Left’s disinformation for them.

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