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After Watching This Daily Show Segment, You Will Never Look at Michael Steele and Not Laugh

Posted on July 6 2010 3:00 pm
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Thank you, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show staff. You may have given me my new favorite comedic character, although Dwight and Kevin from The Office and Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia are strong competition. The Michael Steele muppet is nothing short of genius—and nothing short of fatal to Steele’s credibility. Anyone who sees the segment will no longer be able to look at Steele and not laugh.

Once a political figure is given a certain caricature, whether it’s Sarah Palin being stupid or Michael Steele trying too hard to be cool, it is hard to come back. It becomes the common reference point for all people discussing that individual. For example, once Palin was caricatured as being ignorant, everyone immediately began waiting for a verification of that caricature in each appearance. Little mistakes are funnier and become bigger deals, and your credibility is shot. And that’s where Steele has gone—except, unlike Palin, he’s actually lost his base.

Watch the video of the Michael Steele muppet below:

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See what I mean? It’s hysterical. And it will dog Steele the rest of his career because it perfectly captures his flaws in the form of a funny caricature. Michael Steele’s career is over, and the longer he stays in, the more it proves how out-of-touch he is with political reality. When he finally resigns, it won’t be because of The Daily Show’s muppet. It will be because of the mistakes that made that muppet so genius.

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