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This 4th of July Ask Yourself: What Can I Do So More Than 54% of Americans Love Their Country?

Posted on July 4 2010 8:00 am
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Watching the fantastic John Adams miniseries is one way of getting emotionally engaged and fired up to defend your country.

As we celebrate the founding of our country today there’s an important fact to remember: vast numbers of people in America do not believe in it.

From Rasmussen Reports (h/t to Power Line):

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 54% believe that the U.S. is indeed the nation with liberty and justice for all. A third (34%) disagree while 11% are not sure.

However, only 38% of African-Americans believe the nation is a land of liberty and justice for all. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of white adults hold that view. So do 71% of Republicans, 45% of Democrats and 48% of those unaffiiated with either major party.

As someone who used to reject the central premises of our nation and consider my homeland a genocidal, imperialist, terrorist state, this is a question near and dear to my heart.

Of course, perhaps a better question is simply, can it be done? Someone loving America is not a light switch that one can flick. There is no combination of magical words that one can speak to all of a sudden create a patriot. Anti-American sentiments are rarely reasoned in and are more often an expression of a deeper personal, spiritual, and psychological brokenness.

Still, while the journey may be impossible for some it is not for others. We must reach out to the undecideds, to the ignorant, to the disengaged — to those up for grabs whose minds are not yet set.

And that’s something that we’re doing at NRB, pursuing this question in four avenues, symbolized by our sub-blogs:

At the Feminist Hawks’ Nest we’re able to articulate the American Idea as it applies to women. Specifically we’re able to juxtapose the American Idea as practiced today in comparison to those who do not know it: women brutalized by the spiked fist of Sharia Law. Confront: How can you not stand up for your country’s values when so many women across the Muslim world long for them?

At In the Family Way we demonstrate that loving America begins at home. Those laying the foundation for America today are our parents, communities, and churches. The family is the root.

At Academic Infidels we identify one of the key avenues in which anti-American sentiments are transmitted: our institutes of higher education. David Horowitz has made this issue one of the Freedom Center’s priorities for almost a decade now. But by and large the Conservative Movement is still asleep at the wheel in the fight to eliminate academia as a safe haven for the Left.

And finally at The Concession Stand we identify and challenge political messages with the culture. We confront the Left’s concepts embedded within our popular culture.

If you recognize the importance of the work that we’re doing here at NRB and the DHFC then you can support us financially with a tax deductible donation here. We also urge you to join our daily email list here so you can be alerted to the twelve most important posts from every day. Thank you and have a happy fourth of July.

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