By definition, 9/11 trutherism is a belief thet …

Posted on April 29 2016 9:32 pm
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Comment posted Why Does “Conservative” Rand Paul Use the Same Metaphors as Neo-Communist Michael Moore? by M. O'Neal.

By definition, 9/11 trutherism is a belief thet the US government (President Bush in particular) directly instigated, caused, carried-out and coverd-up the 9/11 attacks on this country by actors who weren't even radicalized muslim nut-jobs but people working for the US.

Neither Ron nor Rand Paul believes that and never have – on the record or otherwise.

Why don't you put up some real evidence to back up the slander? And I don't mean a litany of inane web links.

M. O'Neal also commented

  • No, I read page 2. A few humorous sentences about "Mooreians" and "Paulestinians", but not much additional substance.Certainly no next "level".

    By the way, "not smart enough", "Paulestinian", why insult me? I've stated my reasons for defending what I see as unsupported attacks against the Pauls. I've said that I'm not a direct supporter of the Pauls except indirectly for Rand over the leftist democrat in Kentucky.

    To the extent that "Paulestinian" implies something akin to (radical) Palestinian and an asociated hatred for freedom, America or for Israel, I truly resent the name. If you only mean to imply some kind of "nut case", that's fair enough, but the name calling hardly advances your argument.

  • Given that anti-semite is a charge that has become equivalent with "racist", nazi", white-supremacist", "klansman", etc, it's simply wrong and out of all sense of proportion to label the Pauls with that slur. Anyone with an open mind should appreciate that there are different and legitimate points of view relating to US foreign policy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, policy towards and support for Israel and all the rest.

    Speaking of the utter destruction of Israel, how's your choice, BO doing on the containment of a nuclear Iran? Surely that's the clearest and most present danger to the country of Israel.

    I thought if I didn't like (or agree with) someone's ideas on this blog, I'd argue it out to the best of my limited abilities. I still think that's a better way for us to make a difference as opposed to moving on to a more agreeable forum.

  • If by the whole post you mean a number of Monty Python video clips, then you're right I didn't examine all the relevant content.

    You did include "more", but not much more and nothing very relevant.

    You put up a bomb throwing headline followed with simple comparisons and then act as if there's a nuanced argument ot be found some by thge reader.

    At least you admitted that were talking about an ad hominem commentary and not an argument.

  • Wow. Given all that we now know about the Leftst agenda of BHO and his administration, that's an astounding statement coming from an editor of NRB.

    While the honesty is refreshing and commendable, it's also frightening as hell.

    Only someone blinded by ethnic hatred could see Obama and his fellow travelers (most of which a detailed on Discover the Networks) as better for America that Senator Ron Paul.

    David, you might want to take that one back.

  • Post the objective evidence then, including their actual policy positions and statements. What I object to is the slander and character assasination of good people with whom you happen to disagree. All this second hand neo-nazi youtube crap isn't eviidence of anything relating specifically and honestly to Senator Ron Paul or Senator to be (hopefully) Rand Paul.
    I don't apologize for the Pauls, but I do defend the right of Americans to have their own beliefs and positions without being denigrated and slandered.

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