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It’s the Empire, Stupid

Posted on July 3 2010 9:30 pm
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I don’t know what I have to do sometimes. The density of some readers’ brains is just astounding. I do a post explaining the commonalities of the thinking between the Pauls and the Michael Moore Left. I explain why they both invoke the metaphor of America as ancient Rome.

Then the response is: “Well look at these other people you like who have compared America to Rome. Guess you have to compare them to Michael Moore now.”

*Roll eyes.*

But there’s one critical difference here in Ronald Reagan, Victor Davis Hanson, or Pamela Geller talking about the similarities between the US and Rome. None of these people claim that America is an empire. None of these people want to radically transform America.

The Pauls and Moore do. Empires aren’t worth defending. They need to be destroyed. And that’s why both the Paulastinian Right and the Moore Left are indifferent — and often even sympathetic — to Islamist terrorism.

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