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Paleo-Neo-Conservatism Dying, Neo-Neo-Conservatism Rising from Her Ashes: A Neo-Con Warmonger Manifesto

Posted on July 2 2010 1:58 pm
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1. Defending free societies from Islamofascist domination is the primary priority of the day. And we must do saw in a hawkish manner.

2. All “Islamists” are doing is what the Koran tells them to do. The root cause of terrorism is Islam practiced as it’s written. Robert Spencer’s analysis  is correct and should serve as a foundation.

3. Israel is the canary in the coal mine and must be defended from the genocidal barbarians who seek to destroy her. If we cannot defend a state the size of New Jersey from Islamic domination then how are we going to save the rest of us?

4. Economic and social issues are of secondary importance. (Though economics are still relevant because we can’t have an effective “warfare state” to defend individual liberty if we’re bankrupted by a bloated welfare state.) Those who will defend Israel and fight Islamofascism are friends, even if there are disagreements on economic and social matters. (Thus, though my friend John Hawkins might hammer Frum with good reason, I cannot. I will challenge and disagree with him but I will not rhetorically throttle him as I would an enemy. He might say terrible things about Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Parties. And he might be a favorite “conservative” of Eric Alterman. But Frum’s still excellent when it comes to the most important fight of the day. In the same sense, leftists like Rep. Anthony Weiner, Bill Maher, and Bernard Henri-Levy should be commended when they stand up to the execrable elements within their movement.)

But the term “neo-neo-conservatism” is clunky and confusing. And so I advocate a different phrasing. It’s generally true that the best way to disable an insult is to steal it. African-Americans have taken the N-word and reinvented it as a term of endearment. Gays and lesbians have commandeered “f–” and “d—” in the same way. (Yes, if I’m not going to drop the N-bomb then I won’t spell out anti-gay slurs either.) The term “neoconservative” was first created as an insult. Leftists utilized it to attack the newer group of conservatives emerging in the ’70s. And then Kristol had the brilliance of appropriating it as his own.

Neo-Neoconservatives should do the same. Throughout my advocacy on behalf of Israel’s survival and in critique of Islam’s brutality against women, gays, and infidels the slurs I’ve gotten hurled at me from my leftist friends have been the same: Neo-Con, Warmonger.

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