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Marxist Director Oliver Stone Endorses Alan Grayson But Forgets Why

Posted on July 2 2010 11:00 am
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Oliver Stone with his buddy, Hugo Chavez, as Creepy McWeirdo stares behind them

Man, what is it with this guy? Oliver Stone has endorsed Alan Grayson for Congress in a video for the campaign now posted on YouTube. His chief reason is Grayson’s anti-war credentials. Stone says he served in Vietnam, and “didn’t understand what I was fighting for,” but now he knows—but he never gives the reason he later found out.

He complains about the cycle of wars the U.S. is in—from the Cold War to the War on Terror to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—to, (gasp!), “possible sanctions on Iran!” We’ve got to stop the warmongers—they are restricting trade with a state sponsor of terrorism! In this statement, Stone makes clear that he isn’t opposed to certain wars—he opposes them all. Hell, he even opposes sanctions, which he for whatever reason puts on the same plane as war, which begs the question—how many countries are we at war with in Stone’s mind?

Watch the video after the jump:

He criticizes all this as happening because of some untold reason—an untold reason that Grayson will fix. So, what does Grayson believe?

Well, he attributes the war in Iraq to the Bush Administration liars (he had a “Bush lied, People died” bumper sticker on his car) bought out by the war profiteers. How Marxist of him. He actually believes that the Bush Administration and the Republican Party is run by people evil enough to lie so their buddies can get rich off of our dying sons and daughters. Wow, now that’s a dark world to live in. Which reminds me, if Bush is so competent and evil to lie us into war, why wouldn’t he just have some of his all-powerful capitalist cohorts plant some WMD so he didn’t face the greatest embarrassment of his presidency?

This reflects a hyper-partisanship that President Obama wanted to get rid of. And it gets worse. Grayson is so bombastic, so eager to show off and  demonize his political opponents, that he compared Dick Cheney to a vampire on air. This was in such bad taste that even Chris Matthews went silent for a moment and barely hiding his annoyance, said “Oh god, we got to keep a level here.” Watch that video below:

Oliver Stone and Alan Grayson: Candidates for heavy doses of Zoloft.

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