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I’m Going Further Than Kristol: Steele Shouldn’t Only Resign As RNC Chairman—He Should Resign from Politics

Posted on July 2 2010 7:00 pm
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Nope, that’s Billy Crystal. I’m talking about Bill Kristol.

Bill Kristol (the one from The Weekly Standard), is calling for RNC Chairman Michael Steele to resign after making horrendously idiotic comments about the war in Afghanistan. I’ll take it a step further: He should retire from politics altogether.

His comments on Afghanistan were a cornucopia of stupidity. Let’s take this point-by-point. First, he said that the war in Afghanistan is “a war of Obama’s choosing,” employing the rhetoric Democrats used against Bush, except this has no validity whatsoever at all. Every middle school student knows that the war in Afghanistan was going on long before Obama came into office. And using this false line of attack helps reinforce the perception being pushed by the anti-war crowd that we are “choosing” to be in Afghanistan, rather than being required to stay there out of necessity.

Oh, but it gets worse.

Steele then said that Obama should know that ground campaigns don’t work in Afghanistan. Apparently, Steele doesn’t see the difference between the Soviet invasion and our’s, and forgets that the same rhetoric was used against the war in Iraq. And anyway, that was Bush’s strategy! And the new “surge” is modeled on the successful strategy implemented by Bush! I mean, really, does it get any dumber than this?

Steele is no longer just hurting the Republican Party. He’s hurting the war by using these “talking points” that will be used as gasoline on the anti-war fire. Get him out.

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