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Comment of the Day: Does Criticizing Neo-Conservatism Help the Left?

Posted on July 2 2010 9:30 pm
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After sharing my Neo-Con Warmonger Manifesto at Free Republic I had this intriguing response from Wuli who had read some of the book:

I read alot of that book one day, while sitting in a Barnes & Noble cafe.

I found the authors did not fully understand “Neo-Conservatives”; that they made more of the influence they had among “Conservatives” than actually existed, or exists, in my opinion; they failed to appreciate that 100% of “neo-conservatism” is not original to Neo-conservates, and they failed to admit that many positions offered from Neo-conservatives were positions shared by other Conservatives, and not purely Neo-Conservative positions; a situation that continues.

The authors, coming from where they are coming from – the “objectivist” wing of Libertarians – their paranoia about “globalism” (not a 100% useless paranoia) provides the impetus for them to join forces with the Left to continue to try to demonize Neo-Conservatives.

In as much as the Neo-conservatives are former Leftists who woke up, obtained intellectual honesty and threw off any Marxist straight jacket, I am sure the Left is thrilled that someone other than themselves wants to put Neo-Conservatives down.

Any project that the Left would be thrilled about – let’s demonize Neo-Conservatives – is not a project I would join.

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