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“The Hollywood Economist” Explores the True Agenda Behind American Film Industry

Posted on July 1 2010 11:00 am

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The truth is out there...somewhere

While left-wing politics dominate the cultural surface of Hollywood, I’ve long felt there is a lot more going on inside. At times, it appears the progressive agenda we see only provides film studios a wall to hide behind (as dumb as it usually looks). These studios allow useful idiots like Oliver Stone and Sean Penn to take the attention away from Hollywood’s primary motivation – money.

There is a new book called The Hollywood Economist that gives us an in depth picture of where studios really make their money. In the process, we see what actually drives the insiders in Hollywood. What we learn is that the politics we see may only be a convenient way for executives to hide from audiences.

The Hollywood Economist was written by Edward Jay Epstein, who had access to studio executives and numerous insider documents, covers many truths about Hollywood film studios. For example, studios are NOT concerned with box office results which only amount to 1/10 of the studio’s earnings. Also, many prints of classic films have been ruined because they are actually mined for silver that is still part of a standard manufactured print (talk about squeezing every last penny!).

According to Epstein, the Hollywood golden rule is “who has the gold makes the rules,” and a true Hollywood ending only means “bottom line profits even when their films fail at the box office.” Therefore, regardless of politics, Tinsel Town is first and foremost about the money. Of course, they have back up plans for the junk films they know are going to tank.

There is one chapter, “The Oscar Deception,” that really manages to raise an eyebrow. We know the Oscars were started in 1927 when the film industry actually wanted to celebrate its best films of the year. This was at a time when a substantial part of the population was going to films on a weekly basis and long before the rise of television. Epstein asserts that:

Now, televised by ABC in dazzling high-definition color, the evening-long informational furthers the long-standing myth that Hollywood is in the business of making great – and original –movies.

For some of us, watching awards shows also tells us that sometimes even Hollywood doesn’t know which films of theirs are good (i.e. Gran Torino snub) In addition, when we listen to what many celebrities say and see which films the Academy of Motion Pictures endorses, it’s easy to lump Hollywood into the loony not to mention sympathetic left category. What hinders me from making that leap entirely is the fact that I still enjoy watching so many films. If they were primarily only lockstep leftist films I would certainly be looking elsewhere for entertainment.

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