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Portland Police Reopen Sexual Assault Case Against Al Gore

Posted on July 1 2010 11:33 am
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by William Teach

Someone could be in really big trouble, and it could potentially be rather hard for Gore to push his brand of globull warming alarmism from a court room, and potentially, a jail cell:

Portland police said Wednesday that they will reopen and investigate a massage therapist’s allegations that former Vice President Al Gore sexually assaulted her at a downtown hotel in October 2006.

The new stance came as therapist Molly Hagerty went public, telling the National Enquirer in its latest edition that she’s demanding a full police investigation of her complaint.

Records that police released last week revealed that Portland sex assault investigators took a detailed statement from Hagerty in January 2009 but never investigated it and closed the case, citing “insufficient evidence.”

Of course, let’s be fair, Hagerty could be full of it. I have to wonder, though, is she dumb enough to push this issue, which has landed on the international stage, considering Gore’s status on globull warming (hmm, status. Isn’t that one of the reasons I always mention to go with AGW, along with $$$$?)? Because, if she is proven wrong, the Portland police will have to prosecute her, and she will go to jail.

Read more at Right Wing News

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