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Hey Lefty Journos, Sell Out Your Friends For Big Money: Andrew Breitbart’s Intriguing Offer

Posted on June 30 2010 11:00 am
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Conservative Internet news entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart vows “to offer the American public a unique insight in the workings of the Democrat-Media Complex” by publishing the archives of the secretive Journolist, an online discussion forum where 400 left-wing journalists meet electronically to plot to skew the news to the left.

Breitbart is offering $100,000 to any member of Journolist who wishes to come forward and hand over the archives. According to Breitbart:

The American people, at least half of whom are the objects of scorn of this group of 400, deserve to know who was colluding against them so that in the future they can better understand how the once-objective media has come to be so corrupted and despised.

Sounds good to me. It would nice to know what exactly these people have been comparing notes over and colluding about.b

Journolist, the brainchild of obnoxious leftist partisan dweeb Ezra Klein, was in the news recently when the secret, unvarnished thoughts of my friend then-Washington Post blogger David Weigel were leaked to another friend of mine, Jonathan Strong of the Daily Caller. Weigel tendered his resignation to the WaPo and it was accepted.

Sooooo I think you can see –nervous laugh– why I haven’t written much about this topic except for some Twitter posts. I should say, though, that Weigel is constitutionally skeptical, which makes him a natural as a journalist. To the extent that he has political beliefs he’s kind of, sort of, in a way, arguably a left-leaning libertarian as opposed to the somewhat doctrinaire socialist some have painted him as, or at least that’s my impression. (Strong’s a great reporter too and I’m sure we’ll hear from him again, especially if he keeps breaking huge news stories.)

Klein has reportedly killed Journolist but Breitbart wants to know just how deep the rot goes.

“$100,000 is not a lot to spend on the Holy Grail of media bias when there is a country to save,” Breitbart says.

Will any unprincipled money-hungry left-wing journalists bite? We’ll see. (Note: I am an unpaid contributor to Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Journalism websites. I’ve contributed a few paid articles to the Daily Caller.)

It would be great if Andrew could dig a little deeper into his pockets and extend the same offer to subscribers of Townhouse, an invitation-only discussion forum run by Matt Stoller, senior policy adviser to Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), the preening progressive peacock.  On Townhouse earlier this year ACORN online campaign director Nathan Henderson-James let his comrades know the left was planning to rewrite ACORN’s disturbing history in order to serve its political ends.

The Townhouse archives would be a delight to read.

(I’m off for the month of July. See you in August. -MV)

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