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On Obama’s Hatred of Guns, John Avlon Should Leave Mythbusting to the Experts

Posted on June 29 2010 5:00 pm
Hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Calvin Freiburger is a political science major at Hillsdale College. He also writes for the Hillsdale Forum and his personal website, Calvin Freiburger Online.

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While many lefties will react to yesterday’s judicial victory for the Second Amendment with scorn for the Supreme Court and wailing about how scary guns are, John Avlon has decided to take a different approach.  Today on the Daily Beast, he takes the decision as a sure sign that gun owners have nothing to fear from the Obama Administration, despite the hysterical lies of—you guessed it—“wingnuts”:

Combined with the Court’s 2008 decision to overturn Washington DC’s handgun ban, the fact that 48 states now have some form of concealed carry permitting, and the current Democratic Congress’ vote to allow guns in federal parks—which was signed into law by President Obama last year—Americans are unexpectedly living through a gun rights renaissance.

But don’t tell that to the fear-mongering-for-fun-and-profit crowd. Facts would screw up their ability to scare people into anti-Obama activism.

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