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Fascist Feminism: The Idea That Women Are Too Stupid To Think For Themselves

Posted on June 29 2010 9:00 pm
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Marcotte, interestingly, is the same femisogynist who recently supported the decision of the American Academy of Pediatrics to endorse female genital mutilation. And somehow, we’re supposed to believe that she really cares about women’s rights? She cares about women, all right — as long as, in her own words, women stick to a very specific set of women’s issues — and abortion more than anything else. In fact, she cares about abortion so much that she’s willing to lie and cover up the truth about the effects abortion has on women. While the emotional effects of abortion could be debated, the risks associated with abortions are facts. A recent study, for example, proved that abortion more than triples the risks of breast cancer in Sri Lankan women. It’s the fourth study within fourteen months to show a link between abortion and breast cancer. The other three studies examined women in the United States, China, and Turkey and found similar results. And many, many women do feel guilt and regret for the rest of their lives after having an abortion. But who prepares them for all of that?

But because abortion is so super important to women, why bother to be honest and upfront about the risks associated with it? Fascist feminists like Amanda Marcotte do not want women to be informed about the realities of abortion. It’s why they argue against pre-abortion ultrasounds. They know that if a woman is unsure about getting an abortion, and she sees what her baby looks like, she’ll be that much more likely to keep it, and fascist feminists like Amanda Marcotte don’t want women making their own choices. They want women to make the abortion choice, even though women consistently do not get the facts about the reality of what they’re getting into with an abortion. They’re lied to about the biological facts of the child they’re carrying, they’re lied to about the risks associated with abortions, and they’re lied to about the possible after-effects of having an abortion. People like Marcotte ignore all of that, because being pro-abortion is all that matters. Marcotte and fascist feminists like her are not pro-choice. They have the choice already made for women. Have an inconvenient pregnancy? Don’t consider any other options, just have the abortion and get it over with, and no you may not get more information first!

Furthering the pro-abortion, femisogynist agenda is more important than being truthful to women. And this is supposed to be pro-woman?

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