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The Arizona “Repugnant”: Spineless Water-Carrier for the Left in the Immigration Wars

Posted on June 28 2010 1:00 pm
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There’s a reason J.D. Hayworth calls it the Arizona Repugnant, and he’s not alone. Many residents of the Grand Canyon State find the Arizona Republic to be little more than the unofficial house organ of the State’s Democratic Party, and have taken to ignoring it in ever-increasing numbers.

Which hasn’t affected the paper’s mission to change the world – not in the slightest.

One can imagine a phone call (maybe from Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon’s office), asking for a little help in “humanizing” the plight of illegal immigrants, who are taking huge hits in public opinion polls these days:

“Say, guys…have an idea here. How about focusing on the ‘youth’ market a little bit? Let’s do a story…umm…about…three fresh-faced fledgling activists, all scarred by the vicissitudes and misfortunes of being branded ‘illegal’!

“Absolutely!..and their struggles to be taken seriously by a harsh and uncaring electorate, not to mention their unceasing and idealistic push to get legislation passed that will help fund a college education for those here, well…you know…illegally!”

So the sycophants at the Republic go to work, crafting this little gem:

“Daniel Rodríguez was up at 5 a.m. one day in May, preparing to speak at a news conference on Arizona’s new immigration law.

“The event would draw national media coverage because it featured undocumented youths arrested earlier that week while protesting at Sen. John McCain’s Tucson office.

“After the conference, Rodríguez, who wasn’t one of those arrested, spent much of the day at the Arizona Capitol. He participated in an immigration rally, directed a poster-making session and arranged for live band entertainment. That evening, he met with volunteers to discuss future protest strategies. His day ended around 11 p.m.
“The 24-year-old Rodríguez is part of a growing grass-roots movement of young Latino adults and high-school students who spend much of their spare time advocating for immigration reform that includes a form of amnesty. Rodríguez has a personal stake in fighting the nation’s toughest immigration law, which goes into effect July 29: He was brought to the United States as a child and is an illegal immigrant.”

And so it goes, on and on, ad nauseum. Daniel and his plucky friends Alejandra and Carlos (the simpatico American, straight from Central Casting) – victims, all of them, in a strikingly racist war whose ultimate aim is to snuff out their hopes and dreams…and force at least two of them to pay “out of state” fees for an education in the good ol’ US of A.

Which is the larger political crux here. When the Left appeals to our “humanity”, it is usually to force one of their agendas down our collective throat without us noticing or complaining too much. In this case, the centerpiece of the article, the actual  Raison d’etre, is the hopeful passage of a piece of legislation called the “Dream Act”,

“…a proposed federal law that would enable illegal-immigrant students to remain in the U.S., get their college degrees and have a path to citizenship.”

Of course the entire scheme involves using taxpayer dollars, which isn’t always available to actual citizens who would like to go to college, but, hey, why quibble?

Thank God we have responsible publications like the Repulsive to get the word out to the average citizen, who might mistakenly believe that illegal immigration is…wrong!

After all – we can’t expect these exploited youth to pay for their American degree with their own dinero  – can we?

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