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Hollywood’s Defense of Prostitotion: It’s Art!

Posted on June 28 2010 9:00 pm
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For a trashy culture that insinuates itself between parents and children—from grade school onward—the sexualization of children is just the cherry on top of the garbage sundae.

Hollywood perpetuates this idea, calling it art. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that art to the Left is the theft of innocence. From Lolita to American Pie, so-called ‘coming-of-age’ stories and films are primarily about a child’s transformative sexual experience. And, as the Left likes to assert, life imitates art.

You may be wondering where the parents are in all this. Well, most don’t speak out, but those who do are immediately labeled racist, close-minded and accused of partaking in an “outrage-a-thon”. Such is the fate of mothers and fathers who want to protect their children against the culture’s sickening sexualization.

But if this process ultimately results in the victimization of children by pedophiles, how can our culture complain about sexual predators while at the same time asserting that little girls grinding in skimpy lingerie is just innocent entertainment?

Are we trying to set the little tykes free through self-expression? After nudging the little nippers toward sex, where is the culture after they’ve been broken, impregnated, diseased, left confused and sometimes suicidal?

As a parent, each time a baby came into our family, we wanted to shield the child from the sewage of the culture and give our kids a chance to be innocent and free. And you know what? They liked it. They didn’t have to worry about sex at age ten. They could get interested in computers, movie-making, electronics, sewing, musical instruments…all without obtaining body image issues, STD’s, unplanned pregnancies, even while learning about biology, their bodies, and (gasp) where babies come from.

That’s the role of a parent–to stand between the social morass of the culture and protect their children. Or else we risk our children being just pawns to be used for perverse gratification and tossed aside when the new is worn off.

As much as Hollywood and the culture at large would insist it’s just art, you can’t have it both ways.

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