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Final Thoughts of a Closet Democrat Marxist Pagan Vitriolic Mindless Conservative Robot About the Many Faces of Rand Paul

Posted on June 28 2010 10:00 am

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Several readers, kind enough to read and respond to my posts concerning Dr. Rand Paul, have concluded that:

  1. I must be pro-choice even though I am staunchly pro-life;
  2. I am a desperate, liberal blogger being screened by Paul’s campaign staff and prevented from discovering their secret whereabouts, because they know I am hostile;
  3. I hate Rand Paul because he doesn’t fit the conservative box;
  4. In spite of having a Christian or Jewish name, I attack Paul because I am really a Marxist-Pagan.

If I have asked questions concerning Dr. Rand Paul, I have done so, not because I secretly love high taxes, abortion, shredding the Constitution, omniscient, omnipotent government, and/or am the owner of the Federal Reserve, afraid of losing my fortune, should Rand the Reformer be elected.

I joined the sane, true conservatives raising the alarm about Dr. Paul because I believe he espouses the same isolationist, anti-Semitic, utopian agenda as his father, Ron Paul. I am concerned that his idealistic foreign policy is based on a Conspiracy-saturated world-view, including the idea that men and women who served in the government and military on September 11th, facilitated the terrorist attacks that killed three thousand Americans.

Most of all, I am convinced that Paul Jr.’s foreign policy decisions will be rooted in a vision of the United States as the primary agent of disorder in the world, a capitalist empire that rapes and pillages to engorge corporations.  Acting upon this vision, Dr. Paul will vote to diminish our presence in the world, enabling the re-emergence of Marxism and the establishment of totalitarian Islamic regimes that, together, will attempt to annihilate Western civilization.

Am I justified in asserting these beliefs concerning Rand Paul?

Although Paul now attempts to distance himself from his father’s vociferous antipathy for a strong American military presence in the world, the War on Islamic Terrorism, and active practical support for Israel, this readjusting of his image is belied by the simple fact that Rand spent the 2007-2008 campaign year diligently working to place his father — and consequently his father’s ideology — in the White House.

Whatever Rand claims to think of his father today, two years ago, he thought he should be President of the United States.

In 2009, Rand Paul was a guest on Anti-War Radio hosted by Scott Horton.  During the interview, Paul concurred that the most important issue facing America is the dismantling of the “Military Industrial Complex.” That is, the supposed mutually beneficial interaction of the military and corporations manipulating politics to profit from wars of their own making. Paul stated that a coalition of the Left and Right opposing this Complex was what “you needed to win an election.”

Paul also told Horton that he held:

“…almost all the same ideas of my father, but would have to present them differently, so as to win the Primary.”

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