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Cocktail Conservative Matthew Continetti Calls Glenn Beck A Loser

Posted on June 28 2010 4:00 pm

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Glenn Beck is an ignorant buffoon, according to a prominent Weekly Standard writer.

As previously noted, the defender of leftist virtue Matthew Continetti calls Glenn Beck a loon in an article appearing in the pro-big government conservative periodical Weekly Standard, “The Two Faces of the Tea Party.” Continetti objects to Beck’s vigorous daily thrashing of progressivism, a political ideology that Continetti (inexplicably) considers to be sacrosanct. (I first wrote about Continetti’s assault on Beck on Friday.)

That Beck almost singlehandedly moved large numbers of Americans in the dark, depressing early months of the Obama presidency to begin questioning the Dear Leader’s divinely inspired plan for a new America is barely acknowledged by Continetti. Make no mistake: cable TV’s Rick Santelli may have fired the first shot against Obamaism but Beck was the force that drove home the point to the American people that Obama meant it when he said he wanted to “radically transform” America. Beck’s relentless fact-heavy proselytizing every weekday at 5 p.m. for months and months and months last year built up the Tea Party movement after Santelli lit the fuse. Despite any  faults he may have, Glenn Beck is an authentic American hero.

But not according to Continetti. No in his eyes, Santelli is a respectable former businessman and “an upstanding member of the community.” Beck, he suggests on the other hand, is a crazy, emotionally unstable loser who can’t be trusted. “Where Santelli is the voice of the silent majority, Beck is the voice of a reactionary counterculture,” he writes, using the same sort of language a Marxist academic would deploy. (It’s not often one hears a conservative label another right-winger a reactionary.)

If wanting America to move back in the direction of the values of the Founding makes one a “reactionary,” then please direct me to the nearest Reactionaries ‘R’ Us Store so I can load up on gift cards for all my friends and family.

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