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Report: Petraeus to Relax Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

This is good news:

Fox is overselling this a bit, but just a bit. According to CNN, Petraeus won’t make any decisions until after he conducts a “sweeping review” of operations, but I think it’s a fait accompli that he will, ultimately, relax the ROE.

As Hot Air‘s AllahPundit points out, the present Rules of Engagement are “one of the biggest, most chronic complaints of troops in the field.” Dialing them down “will, if nothing else, signal a new start under a new commander and hopefully boost morale that’s suffering from the loss of McChrystal and the sluggishness of progress on the ground.”

The American forces in Afghanistan have to be free to do whatever is necessary to win this war. The sooner the ROE are changed, therefore, the better.

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