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From the Writings of David Horowitz: June 26, 2010

Posted on June 26 2010 6:45 am
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Unlike my father, I do not feel that life is a downhill run. Nor do I think of it as an arc that rises steadily until it reaches its apogee, tapers, and arches back to earth. The fate we choose is inscribed in multiple flights. Some follow the gravity of rise and fall, while others – those of the spirit for example — may never head downward, but climb steadily to the end, where they just drop, cliff-like into the dark.

Consequently, there is no right time for last words, no point of demarcation for our adieux. There is no designated moment to set down the summary thoughts of a mind still counting. Whether you begin to die at the beginning — as my father believed — or whether you burn brightly to the end, you can’t wait forever to pass to others what you have learned. When the time approaches you could already have a foot in oblivion, or be crippled by a stroke, or so blasted with pain as to lose the ability to reflect at all.

In this life, they can haul you off without warning. You can step onto the wrong plane, or off the wrong curb, or into the wrong conversation and be gone. A microorganism can stumble into a passage to your heart and douse the lights before you even learn its name. Or the cells of your being — those busy dying since you were born — can go berserk and betray you, metastasizing into a cancer that chokes your last thought. No matter how young you are or how far you get, you can never know if there will be hours enough to finish the page.

The End of Time 

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