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Al Gore and an Inconvenient Massage

A very inconvenient truth.

What can we find more evidence for, man-made global warming that will destroy the planet any day now or that former Vice President Al Gore made aggressive sexual advances to a masseuse in Portland a few years ago?  Both stories are inconvenient but only the latter has the possibility of being true.

On June 1st many were shocked to hear that Al and Tipper Gore were calling it quits after 40 years of marriage.  Obviously rumors of extra-marital affairs immediately began to spread.  Now it seems that at least part of the reason for the split was that the Gores knew a National Enquirer story was about to break that might just have some truth to it.

The Enquirer and now more reputable news organizations report that a hotel massage therapist in Washington State claims she was sexually groped and molested by Gore at the upscale Hotel Lucia in October of 2006.  No reason to report all the details here, but Gore allegedly tried to force the middle aged masseuse to massage him where the sun doesn’t shine.  He also is accused to have aggressively fondled the woman, forced himself on top of her in bed, and more.

Two months after the incident the masseuse’s attorney filed a complaint with the police.  They chose to ignore it because the woman didn’t feel like discussing the matter with the police.  In 2009 the accuser decided to give a detailed report to the police in hopes of a criminal case against Gore.  She even kept some evidence to be used for the trial but the police did not request it and decided not to press charges.  The authorities agree that Gore and the woman were both in the hotel room that night but say that only those two know what happened.  Of course since the accused was Al Gore, he was never called in for questioning and basically given a free pass.

“The case was not investigated any further because detectives concluded there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations.” – the Portland Police Bureau said in a prepared statement Wednesday.

Ironically the alleged incident took place just after Gore made a speech claiming man-made global warming to be the most important moral challenge of our time.  A couple of hours later Gore may have been having his most important moral challenge of his time.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is trying to kill the story by portraying this matter as just some lady trying to make money off a lie.  The Huffpost claims greed may be the culprit and even CBS news reports the possible victim is just saying, “show me the money”.

Maybe it is about money, but why did the accuser wait so long if she just wanted money?  Why has she never pursued a civil case but only sought out criminal charges?  When the accuser gave her police report in 2009 she told them she did not want money but “justice”.

“He should not get a free pass merely because of his position. People in power are not to be given a license to behave in ways that the rest of us are not.” – alleged assaulted Massage Therapist

For his part, Al Gore is making no comment on the incident.  The earth will be around for a long long time, but Gore hopes this story will die a quick death.  Wouldn’t that be convenient?

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