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A Survivor’s Heartbreaking Account of Female Genital Mutilation

Posted on June 26 2010 2:01 pm
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Screenwriter Soraya Miré recently shared this bone-chilling account of her personal experience with female genital mutilation in the comments of a NewsReal post about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ support for FGM in America:

Seriously…the pain and torture of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) will certainly tear a child’s heart like a ripped cloth! As a Somali-American, a survivor, I still remember the day they tied my wrists and legs down to the surgical table to prick and mutilate the hell out of me. I screamed with pain as I fought to get free but, no-one listened to the cries rising from my depth. The pain was unbearable and I felt like my body was sitting on a fast sewing machine. That deep and private pain was stamped into my mind, forever. Like Kanwi said to you “don’t be such an apologist for a barbaric cultural practice.” But you might still think that “pricking” a childs health clitoris to get a blood “shouldn’t be that of a deal.” In truth, I can tell you that our private wounds transcends the physical. It’s a psychological wound; a betrayal left by those we trusted the most with our wellness. Pricking will certainly allow the child abuse to continue which is to “satisfy cultural requirement,” handed down from mother to daughter like a treasured heirloom. Speaking for those who have no voice, I called the AAP and asked them to retract the statement. I asked them not to put any childs body through the mutilating ritual and watch them become nothing more than the pleasurable commodity of men. The AAP didn’t need to think or act like those half blind midwives in Africa forcing the girl’s to sit on the hot sand full of thorns. No one has a right to touch or cut child’s healthy genitalia. No one should hurt a child leaving a scar in her or his mind and body, forever. As we, the survivors, deal with the flashbacks, the AAP needed to hear that we live with the anguish of what has been done to us and our loved ones. It’s important to recognize that human rights are universal and indivisible. I received a personal call from the AAP reaffirming its opposition to the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. The Academy promised to retract its policy and apologized to the survivors for bringing up the painful memories of FGM. On May 27, 2010 the AAP withdrew their policy statement. Now we can go forward to heal and end this cultural practice which I call the “ultimate child abuse.”

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