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The Blueprint for Beating the Campus Jihad and Stopping the Second Holocaust

Posted on June 24 2010 3:00 pm
National Director of Campus Campaigns for the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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Pro-Holocaust Activist Amir Abdel Malik-Ali

Fighting back the wave of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment on campus can be a daunting task.  The “Unholy Alliance” of the Muslim student groups and campus leftists works tirelessly to demonize Israel and marginalize those of us who battle on her behalf.  In addition, University administrators, professors, and the “progressive” Jewish campus organizations consistently hinder the efforts of pro-Israel students to fight back. With the cards seemingly stacked against us, it is vital to understand and promote examples of successful efforts to turn back the Jihadist movement. Here is one such example.

Finally, after years of frustration, something effective is being done about the anti-Semitic climate at UC Irvine, but I’m not referring to the recent decision by UC Irvine to suspend the MSU for a year.  As significant as the suspension may seem it’s only temporary and the MSU members will remain on campus with the ability to continue to harass Jewish students.  In the past there have been some admirable student warriors fighting to push back the rampant MSU (Reut Cohen and Jonathan Constantine, to name a couple), but they have constantly faced an uphill battle due to lack of numbers and the impotence of the major Jewish organizations on campus.  Recently, a sizeable force of concerned community members has mobilized and is now providing students with support and desperately needed numbers on the campus during events.

Amir Abdel Malik-Ali has been a regular guest of the MSU at UC Irvine, widely considered to be the most overtly radical Islamist campus group in America.  An outspoken supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, Ali is always present during the MSU’s hate-filled week in May to commemorate the “Nakba,” and to call for the destruction of the state of Israel.  Ali’s events at UC Irvine always conclude with long sessions of loud anti-Israel chanting in the center of campus, as MSU students shout rounds of “Judaism Yes, Zionism No!” and “Anti-Apartheid! Anti-Israel!” Despite the activism of many off-campus pro-Israel and conservative organizations (such as the Freedom Center, ZOA, and Stand With Us) the MSU has been able to hide behind a complicit administration and has continued their Islamo-Fascist activities at will, and the prominent Jewish organizations on campus have done little to help the cause.  These groups, lead by Hillel and the Jewish Federation, have typically countered this virulent Islamic Jew-hatred with cultural events such as I-Fest, which usually consists of falafel stands, hookah lounges, and Israeli music.   At UC Irvine in particular, there have been few students and community members who have been willing to truly stand up to the MSU, save for people like adjunct UCI teacher Gary Fouse and groups such as the OC Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism.

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