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Oliver Stone’s New Documentary: Bromance with Chavez and Castro

Posted on June 24 2010 10:00 am
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Did you know that deep down inside (when he’s not silencing his opposition, supporting the FARC, sponsoring drug trafficking, and courting Hezbollah and almost every other enemy of the West) Hugo Chavez is a good, admirable man? Yup, he is—according to Leftist filmmaker Oliver Stone.

The filmmaker, along with the upcoming release of his “Wall Street” sequel, has a new documentary called “South of the Border” that praises Chavez, Castro, their allies, and highlights other South American leaders. But, apparently the Venezuelan people aren’t as hot on the near-dictator as Stone is: The documentary is bombing in the country.

Personally, I expect it to get a much bigger reception in the U.S. There will be controversy as well as more people interested just because we aren’t overexposed to him—and that’s the problem.

Chavez will quickly win supporters among impressionable viewers in America with Stone’s film—whose objectivity is best exemplified by this quote from Stone in a recent interview:

But I like the guy because he means and does what he says. He operates for the people. The guy is not getting rich, he’s living very austerely, and he busted his old friends who became corrupt. He’s delivered the goods, said he would give the oil profits back to the people, and no one I know has kept his word like he has.

Is this really a guy we should respect? I’ll let this excellent analysis speak for itself:

No wonder the government is convinced it now needs to obliterate the remnants of free expression. Chavez already controls 72 television stations, 400 radio stations and 18 newspapers, and has inflicted more than 1,000 hours of verbal torture on the people through addresses to the nation that every outlet is obliged to carry. But this is not enough. An independent Globovision, a relatively small outlet that has become a giant in the eyes of millions of Venezuelans, is unacceptable in a state intent on becoming a second Cuba.

Yeah, that sounds like a guy Hollywood would embrace.

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