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Facebook and in Bed with Genocidal Jew-Haters?

Posted on June 24 2010 12:00 pm
Steve Bronfman is an artist who dabbles in political commentary. He holds a double degree in History and Politics with Honours in religious Studies specializing in the Near East. He dropped out of a Masters program because of the anti-Israel prejudice of the institution, something he has sadly found repeated throughout the world. A passionate "armchair" Zionist he feels it his duty to dispel the many myths propagated by the mainstream media, our politicians and academia about Israel no matter how politically incorrect that is in a post-modern Orwellian West obsessed with self-hate and cultural relativism. A liberal on most issues Steve is the definition of a neo-con.

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The Facebook group, “Expel Jumanah Imad Albahri from UC San Diego,” became very popular quickly with over 500 members within a couple of days. I was quite active in debates with opponents who had also to joined the page from the opposing group, “Do no expel Jumanah Imad Albahri,” that I was asked to be one of the moderators of the group by the two existing ones. My lack of neutrality soon led to them removing me from that position because they did everything possible to create a very fair, emotion free environment abiding by all of Facebook’s stipulations.

This however was not enough. An Orwellian chain of events followed in which our group was closed down, both moderators and myself had our Facebook profiles disabled, and finally, my was closed down because I refused to take down screenshots of debates with supporters of “genocide girl” Jumanah Albahri I had taken from our group which anyone joining knew was a public group not a private one.

I should also mention that the pro-Albahri group was not disabled and is still on Facebook and none of the supporters Albahri, who supports Hamas and Hezbollah as well as genocide against Jews, have had their Facebook accounts closed. I have found evidence that the creator of the group Gutierrez has also been registering fake profiles to make his group seem larger than it actually is. Facebook, like, clearly have a double standard when it comes to speaking out against anti-Semitism.
On the Facebook, group I engaged in a number of public debates with Albahri’s supporters. In an effort to ensure accuracy, I took screenshots of these debates so I could not be accused of making anything up. I posted them on my blog believing that morality was on my side, however, capitulated to the demands of the creator of the pro-Albahri group Jacob Ryan Gutierrez and another supporter of Albahri Ayesha Dar to have my blog disabled.

In an almost illiterate email from Ana Moreira of I was told that;

If this person said hose (sic) kind of affirmations (“Kill all Jews”) on our platform and we’d received a comaint (sic) against it, it would be shutdown also.

Apparently since she said this on another platform, it’s the person that took her to task for her racism that is wrong. It also implies they would be happy with a blogger having a blog dedicated to supporting anti-Semitism unless someone complained about it? The threat of litigation have turned companies like and Facebook to prefer the supporters of racism to the opponents of it and in doing so to further the objectives of anti-Semites and jihadists.

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