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Obama Devours the Opposition: Progressive Media May Be Next

Posted on June 23 2010 4:00 pm
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It’s summertime and the frogs are croakin’  down in the ponds and the bogs. The oil and the tar balls have hit the beaches in the Gulf and the mainstream media has spent the last few weeks in a back and forth blame game between BP and Obama.

The President seems oblivious to the catastrophe as he plays golf, lectures on his half a billion dollar project on ’fatherhood,’ sends Rahm out to the Sunday talk shows to rip on Representative Joe Barton for daring to criticize him, and calls General McChrystal in for a little chastisement.  All this while attending baseball games and hosting sing-alongs at the White House, of course.

Some in the previously enthralled media are beginning to understand what we’ve always known – elections have consequences. So now they’re not croaking in unison so much anymore.

2500 years ago Aesop nailed the lesson of Obama and his raspy-throated mainstream media sycophants in a fable entitled ‘The Frogs Ask For a King:”

The folkdom of frogs went to Zeus and begging him to send them yet another king, they pleaded ‘We want a king who, in all things, will lead us”…the more Zeus thought about it, the more he began to mislike their askings, dumb and silly as they were…he was taken aback by their thoughtlessness and  unthankful ways for all the good things that life had bestowed upon them.

All their hounding, at end, kindled Zeus’ wrath and, in a wrathful outburst, he sent to them a king other in kind; King Stork. No sooner had King Stork reached the marsh than he set upon them…eating them one-by-one until there were only a few left. Those blessed with good enough timing to be still alive, with eyes open like never before, wailed in endless sadness and begged Zeus to free them from such a fiend.

‘The King which you asked for shall be your Lord…For when you had that which you ought to have, you should have been thankful, and left well alone. For he that has freedom ought to be thankful. For nothing is better than freedom. And freedom should not be sold for all the silver in the world.”

One by one Obama’s chomping at whoever gets in his way: Fox News, the tea party patriots, Arizona, Israel, Great Britain, conservative radio, bloggers, Wall Street and corporate America. Like King Stork he has come not to lead but to devour -Chicago style. No one, not even  his media toadies are safe.

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