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Letter to the Editor: Why AfPN’s David Pine was Heckled and Booed

Posted on June 21 2010 8:00 am

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Below follows Paul Schnee’s letter to the editor of The Jewish Journal, in response to David Pine’s article in last week’s edition entitled “Seeking a Bridge to a Peaceful Two-State Solution.”

Dear Mr. Eshman,

The June 15th. article by Mr. Pine of Americans for Peace Now fails to explain the real reason why he was heckled and booed at the recent pro-Israel rally outside the Israeli Consulate. It should be clear to Mr. Pine by now that if one is not prepared to endure a certain amount of dissent and abuse one ought to get out of the business of Jewish advocacy.

The pro-Israel supporters understood all too well what Mr. Pine had to say and it did not resonate with them. Many of them believe that Americans for Peace Now are prepared to sell our sacred Jewish birthright to genocidal enemies whose undiminished goal is the complete destruction of the Jewish state. Their one despairing wish is for peace but not peace at any price.

They have read the reports from Palestinian Media Watch and the Investigative Project on Terrorism and have come to the sinking realization that there is a vast difference between what the Palestinian Authority (the PLO masquerading as a government incase nobody has noticed), Fatah, Hamas, Hizbollah, Messrs. Abbas and Fayed say to the the United States and the West and what they say to eachother and broadcast on television all over the Middle East. For example, the Hamas Charter is one of the most unambiguous documents of hatred it is possible to find. Article 7 employs a quotation from Mohammed where he explicity encourages the urgent need for fighting and killing Jews. The Charter goes on to say that Hamas’ destruction of Israel will be their contribution to the eventual establishment of a global caliphate. It’s all there in black and white. Read it.

Furthermore, Abbas and Fayed confidently assure Palestinians that one day both Tel Aviv and Haifa will be “Palestinian” cities. How exactly will these so-called “moderates” accomplish this without murdering millions of Jews? Every week Al Jazeera broadcasts a modern day soap opera about the Blood Libel. It’s a smash hit. Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion have never been so popular as they now are in the Middle East. High on the curriculum of Arab schools and madrasses is the teaching of Jew-hatred and hatred of the West. None of this seems to animate Mr. Pine yet he is worried about “…. a serious lack of civility within our community…..”

An enormous confidence trick has been played on many governments, NGOs, and the mass media by that huge clanking contraption of distortion, The Palestinian Myth Machine. It cloaks leaders like Mr. Abbas as a “moderate” and a genuine partner with whom it is possible to make peace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The “moderate” Abbas wrote his doctoral thesis on Holocaust denial and currently names streets and public squares after murdering terrorists extolling them as martyrs. To suggest that there are “moderates” anywhere to be found in the Palestinian leadership is to suggest that we possess the kind of imbecile credulity that would make an African witch doctor positively green with envy. Every one of the main arab/muslim actors in the region are simply different branches of the same corrupt, rotten tree. They all share the identical Al Qaeda ideology and wish to enforce Taliban style rule under the oddious apparatus of Sharia Law.

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