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Let’s Play “Are You Smarter Than an MSNBC Anchor?” It’s Prime time Scare TV!

Posted on June 21 2010 6:00 pm
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Beating war-drums and ominous music set the stage for the prime-time TV show’s opening scene. Men decked out in camouflage, loading their weapons, flash across the screen. The camera cuts away to crowds waving signs and carrying flags, then zooms in on a graphic of cross-hairs on a U.S. map. The drums beat faster—louder. Suddenly, we’re in the woods, watching the camouflaged men fire their weapons and an unseen TV host warns us of, “Anger, militia, tea parties, revolution, running with the pack, the flag with the coiled snake, the extreme right wing,” verbally painting a picture of wolves, snakes poised to strike and Nazis. As the scary music and beating drums crescendo, he asks in an alarmed tone,

Will rage lead to violence?

Thus began MSNBC’s special, Rise of the New Right, hosted by Chris Mathews. Such blatant deception, sloppily cloaked in subterfuge to plant fear and mistrust in the viewer’s mind about good, patriotic Americans is nothing short of appalling.

On the other hand, this B-rated work of fiction exposes Mathews and his comrades’ irrational hatred towards those who love liberty. Surely, the leftists have plumbed new depths of depravity in attempting to scare us into believing that our neighbors are the bogey men. (Enter more scary music and beating drums.)

What the leftists don’t realize, or want to believe, is that the majority of Americans are smarter than the average MSNBC anchor, and stand with the Tea Party Movement and what it represents—namely the Constitution. The liberal media’s bungling attempts to appear unbiased and impartial while demonizing the majority of people in this nation, only serves to stiffen the resolve of conservatives to stand firm against the socializing of America.

As for Mathews’ question about the rage of the right leading to violence? Well, I’d like to say no, but to tell you the truth, if I could have crawled into the TV set… (Cue scary music crescendos…)  I’d have grabbed him by the ear, yanked him over to the sink and washed his mouth out with soap, for lying and slandering every God-fearing, law-abiding, freedom-loving American in this country.

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