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The World Cup Is Racist

Posted on June 19 2010 4:15 pm
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by Racebusters

Racebusters spends a lot of time monitoring the Twitter timeline and pointing out the obvious racism that exists in any opposition to President Obama, his policies, or his supporters. Trust me, no matter what you say about any of these groups, even if it’s not about these groups, like a good liberal, I’ll find the racism in it! The Race Card: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

I only received one question about racist World Cup Soccer, I guess you all were to busy rooting against players of color on the soccer field. It doesn’t really matter, I expose the racist World Cup just after I answer this question:

@racebusters Is the vuvuzela racist?@mattbramanti

No, but the fact that you didn’t to refer to it by it Tswana name: “lepatata”, is blatant racism. The largest numbers of ethnic Tswana people live in South Africa, who just happens to be hosting the World Cup. Maybe you could show them a little respect and refer to the lepatata as such. I guess you think the Tswana people should be out working in your fields instead of hosting a soccer tournament. Hey, maybe we could offer them a ride on a nice cruise ship to the U.S like we did a few hundred years ago. I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you, Master?

The World Cup is racist. Let’s just start with the playing field. It is surrounded by what? White lines of course.

Read all about the racist World Cup at TRS Blog.

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