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Posted on August 31 2015 11:53 pm

Comment posted on Palin: It’s Perfectly Fine If You Want to Smoke Marijuana by David Kaplan

No, but I do think that law is a both a base line for ethics and mirrors the minimum of society's mores, as well.

Certainly I would love to see less government. But, that doesn't negate the fact that people have become dependent on it deciding right/wrong for them.

David Kaplan also commented

  • I should probably qualify and clarify my previous point about where people "get" their ethics. I believe many people look to the law as a convenient way to determine right and wrong. But, and to address your assertion of "gross irresponsibility", I think the laws themselves stem FROM our ethics. The law mirrors our ethics and we mirror our ethic after the law. But, I think that the critical thought you mentioned and the resulting epiphanous ethics from whence the laws come is where everything starts.

    I hope that clears things up and thank you for making a good point.

  • I should point out that the first study involves "risk taking" and marijuana use. It's reasonable to extrapolate that risky behavior can involve crime.
  • C’mon David, you know as well as I do that there are a ton of studies that show the risks associated with pot. A simple query at Google Scholar will show hundreds of them. But here are two:

    As for a “contact high” being a reasonable argument, have you BEEN to a concert lately? I don’t think I’ve ever been to one where some pot-head didn’t spark a bowl right behind me. If second-hand smoke opponents can argue that that increases the chances of getting cancer and other health problems, then certainly I can argue that it gets other people high without their consent.

    Lets say that we restrict pot use to the home. What about the kids sitting next to their parents watching cartoons while they blow smoke everywhere?

    I can tell you from experience that “contact highs” are real and certainly an argument against legalization.

  • David, I was quoting Michael in reference to Palin – not Palin herself.
  • "Marijuana consumption, unto itself, intrudes upon no one. "

    I completely disagree. There is study after study that shows the societal effects of marijuana. From crime to psychological effects that affect both the user and family, marijuana causes innumerable problems. And, its comparison to drinking is fallacious. Drinking doesn't affect the person next to you. I can go to bar and not get "drunk" from someone else drinking a beer.

Recent comments by David Kaplan

  • Media Matters Whitewashes George Soros’ Role in Confiscation of Jewish Property
    I absolutely 100% disagree with using Soros’ child-hood experiences under Nazi rule as segue logic to his current asshattery.

    Look, I like Glenn Beck. I do. I agree with many of ideas and much of his logic. But there are, indeed, times when he makes stupid statements and this is one of them. I know this is a stretch of reasoning, but lets look at it from another point of view:

    Soros was about 10 at the time. NRB and many of it’s authors recently engaged in a rather hostile attack – and appropriately so – on a former NRB blogger who was alleged to be a supporter of pedophilia and child molestation. Why is child molestation bad in the first place? Primarily because children CANNOT consent to what happens to them and because it’s an abuse of power.

    How is what happen to Soros in the 1940s any different? He was in a life threatening situation and among those with the least power to do anything about it – children.

    As much as I like NRB and have written for them in the past, I do find it a bit hypocritical to admonish one person for attacks on children and lionize another for his attacks on a person’s childhood.

    I don’t like Soros and I mostly like Beck. But, this is way out of line. I also think that Beck is suffering from some of Obama’s arrogance and if the Republicans weren’t situated in the dominant position they were when he made this statement and where they are now – I think he would be apologizing for it. He’s shown to be willing to be contrite and apologetic in the past and he should do so now.

    As an independent, I swung to the Right this election cycle. But, if this is the trend from conservatives, I may end up swinging back to the Left. Please don’t make me do that because, right now, I don’t like the Left.

    David Kaplan

  • Sacrificing Children on the Altar of Feminism
    How exactly does the pro-life movement tacitly accept the notion that children are a burden? Each time I encounter a pro-life individual, they general speak of children in terms of being a "gift" and "hope" and "future".

    There's a big difference between calling something a "burden" and accepting that sometimes our greatest accomplishments in life come at the cost of a lot of work, sacrifice and struggle.

    David Kaplan

  • Hollywood Celebutards are Melting Down Faster Than the Arctic Peninsula
    It's funny. The Gulf spill was tragic in the shorter term, yes. But, in the long term is was helpful. If not for the Gulf spill, they wouldn't have discovered those microbes that eat oil with the extreme efficiency like nothing else and we wouldn't have scientists now using and reproducing those microbes for cleaning up more spills.

    In my mind, the Earth is not a helpless rock that needs our minuscule and irrelevant contribution to keep it healthy. The Gaian principal, something I acquired in my Leftist days, understands that the Earth is a living organism with it's own ability to keep itself healthy.

    These microbes are a perfect example of that and yet another reason the Left needs to stop trying to control the show. Even a million leftists are no match for the power of Nature to do it's own will.

  • GQ Accused of “Borderline Pedophilia” For Provocative “Glee” Photo Shoot
    I'm glad you wrote this. Regardless that many, if not most of my views are conservative or Right wing, I am still an independent and my views regarding sexuality have usually been more liberal – even libertine, sometimes. I don't believe people should have to be married to have sex and I have no problem with homosexuality in any form between consensual partners. As long as it's done responsibly and safely, it's all good.

    Many people engaging in roleplay in their bedroom. It's a popular pastime of American men and women to dress up as schoolgirls or cheerleaders in the privacy of their own home and act out whatever fantasies they have. This is neither pedophilia nor immoral – "rights vs. what's right". Regardless of whether someone simply dresses in a costume for roleplay or goes as far as to add lockers, desks and a chalkboard – the bottom line is that the people are still adults and have no interest in acting out their fantasies with with children.

    The PTC needs to lighten the hell up and find something more realistically offensive to go after. I think having media watchdogs is a good thing – but this kind of thing only pushes them to become irrelevant.

  • Hissy Fit On The “View”
    I guess Whoopi didn't find O'Reilly to be a "gas, gas, gas". So she "Jumpin' Jack Flashed" outta there!

    Get it?! Ha! I kill myself!

    Joy is just a schmuck.

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