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We Need Energy Dependence to Go the Way of Lindsay Lohan’s Career

Posted on June 18 2010 8:00 am
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I know I’m beating a dead horse, but we seriously have to get on achieving energy independence, or at least dramatically reducing our dependence. Wednesday night on The Daily Show, it was pointed out how every president since Nixon has made strong verbal commitments to getting off of foreign oil—with end dates that keep getting pushed back and back. This may be the most broken promise in American political history.

When oil prices fell in 2008, few analysts really grasped how much it hurt every single adversary of the U.S. Dick Morris had the best column about it, which can be read by clicking here. Simply put: There is nothing we can do that would be better for the future of the country and the world. With each ounce we get off foreign oil, we receive a pound of economic and geopolitical security. If this goal is achieved, the shape of the world quickly and dramatically changes in our favor.

Below is Jon Stewart’s commentary on this goal:

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War Footing, an excellent book by Frank Gaffney and his colleagues, has a chapter on energy independence. According to the book, if every American drove a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, gasoline consumption would drop by 85 percent. And then there’s this striking line:

“If, moreover, a plug-in vehicle were designed as an FFB, fueled with 80 percent alcohol and 20 percent gasoline, fuel economy could reach five hundred miles per gallon of gasoline.”

That’s just one of the suggestions in the book. This is something very doable but it requires a national effort and an unbending focus by the federal government. Right now, it is a secondary issue as everyone discusses health care, Iran, and deficits—but this is the key to everything.

If we master alternative energy, think about the money that would stay in the country and the money that could be earned by exporting products based on that technology. Every country hostile to us is dramatically weakened immediately, even before significant progress is made. The thugs in Iran, for example, will immediately panic, as 90 percent of their exports come from oil and they can’t afford any cuts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the regime collapsed long before independence (or something close to it) was achieved simply because of the individual officials realizing the game is over.

I know there are a lot of important problems to address, but this is the one problem that goes a huge way in solving all of the others—the economy, national security, the environment, the deficits, etc. What are we waiting for?

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