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The Week In Quotes, April 11 — April 17

I feel like I’m more mainstream than the fellow that said tourists stink. This war is lost. Light skinned, no Negro dialect. Can I go on and on about what I think a whack job, marginal candidate sounds like, and that’s Harry Reid. And that’s why we need to fire him. He is so out of touch with mainstream America. — Sharron Angle

The president just called for creating a fund that would be administered by outsiders which would be more of a redistribution-of-wealth fund, and now it appears we’re going to be looking at yet one more gateway for more government control, more money to government,” she said. “If there’s a disaster, why is it that government is the one who always seems to benefit after a disaster? — Michelle Bachmann

I do believe when someone has made a mistake they should be criticised. BP deserves to be criticised, but so do the regulators and the American government for not regulating the situation properly. — Richard Branson

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