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The Big Broken Promise of Obamacare: Millions Won’t Keep Current Plans

Posted on June 18 2010 3:00 pm
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The Promises of Obamacare

Remember all the promises of Obamacare?  There were almost as many of them as there were pages to the bill.  Can you recall the two biggest ones or have the many changing news cycles made you forget?  The first big health care overhaul commitment was to lower costs.  Anyone still think that is going to happen (the CBO recently upped earlier cost projections by over 100 billion)?  The second repeated oath by the President and others was that no one would have to lose their current plan.  If you liked your plan, you could keep it.  We now know that Obama and others misspoke on that guarantee – or maybe just plain ol’ lied.

This week the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reacted to an early draft of the President’s health care plans.  The Chamber revealed to the press that in the next 3 years, 51% of all workers will be in health plans subject to new changes by federal requirements.  Did you  hear that?  One out of every two workers will have to get new health care plans!  Even though 83% of Americans want to keep the plan they have – they won’t be able to under Obamacare.

“What we are getting here is a clear indication that most plans will have to change.” – James Gelfand, health policy director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Now what did Obama promise us again?

“If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.  No one will take it away, no matter what.”

— President Obama addressing the AMA a year go.

The president needs to come clean and apologize.  The average American worker will have to get new health care, even though he doesn’t want it.

The new policy demands on small and large businesses will cause them to drop private health care coverage in the majority of circumstances.  That will put all those workers in the federal system or medicaid.  That means, as we conservatives always knew, that Obamacare is merely a tool to get people on a universal government plan.

Of course, a stipulation was added in the new plan that you could get “grandfathered” into not having to meet the new regulations.  What is the requirement to be “grandfathered?”  You have to be part of a collective bargaining group – i.e. a union.  Union members are getting a sweetheart deal to keep their private insurance while others have to get government plan, whether they like it or not.  No wonder SEIU thugs made their voices known in the Obamacare debate – they knew they weren’t going to have to use it.

How many more promises are going to be broken?  How many more vows will be tossed out the window of the Oval Office as more and more rules and regulations of the President’s health care plan are released?  People like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have sold us a bill of goods, and they have no way to deliver.  To put it simply: we’ve been scammed folks.

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