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Should Conservatives Stop Talking About Illegal Immigration?

Posted on June 18 2010 7:00 pm
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Michael Medved thinks conservatives should stop engaging in “angry conservative rhetoric” with regard to illegal immigration:

He is most likely referring to the political fallout surrounding SB1070, Arizona’s Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act that goes into effect in a few weeks.

Most Americans support the law.  A search for “Arizona” on the polling site yielded the following results:

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Clearly, there is widespread public support for Arizon’s anti-illegal immigration law.

But that doesn’t mean that Medved is wrong. A few days ago, Harold Meyerson wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post in which he credited Latino political advocacy groups for their “get out the vote” efforts over the years, which probably accounts for the dramatic shift away from the GOP in California. The Left, always on the lookout for the next cudgel with which to pummel conservatives, was handed the Holy Grail of political truncheons by the citizens of Arizona – SB1070.

Opposition to the law was swift and decidely left-of-center. The velocity and sheer volume of intentional misrepresentations, unabashed demagoguery, and outright lies concocted by New Media Propogandists on the Left is mind boggling. It is the willful self-propogandization of a huge proportion of the American electorate. We are, in effect, brainwashing ourselves.

People today have easy, instant access to news and information, but many either cannot or will not analyze it critically. Information is useless, even dangerous, in the absence of meaningful context. The reason why so many people are unfazed by President Obama’s manic lurch toward socialism is because they have no frame of reference.  As a result, seemingly rational people decry the enforcement of federal immigration law in Arizona as “racist,” “anti-immigrant,” and even “fascist.”

Since many do not have a historical perspective that is fact-based and ideologically-neutral, the Left is free to frame the narrative thusly: You are either a bigoted fascist who supports the racist anti-immigrant law in Arizona, or you are an enlightened humanitarian who fights against the racist anti-immigrant law in Arizona.

Facts and figures illustrating the negative effects of illegal immigration are boring.  Accusations of racism, however, elicit a raw and visceral reaction. Conservatives can drone on about the violent crimes committed by illegals; the moral abyss of human trafficking; the huge burden to taxpayers associated with caring for and educating the children of illegals; the threat to life and property posed by the endless stream of illegals – many armed, dangerous, and desperate; the gaming of the welfare system; and so on, but all of it is drowned out by the Left’s debate-ending charge of  “RACISM!”

That’s why conservatives should focus on securing the border. Regularization of illegals can be discussed later, but right now the border needs to be secured.  Texas Congressman John Carter wrote an article for the Texas Insider recently that explains how this could be done immediately, referencing occasions on which this was done successfully in the past.

Medved, then, is right: It’s not about how to secure the border, but rather whether we should.  Conservatives can easily win that argument, and should not allow themselves to be drawn into a discussion about “comprehensive immigration reform” until after the border is secured.

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