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Nelson DeMille’s Discusses His Latest Book, “The Lion” (Part I)

Posted on June 18 2010 9:00 am
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Nelson DeMille is the author of fifteen acclaimed novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Night Fall Plum Island and The Gate House and NY Times bestsellers Wild Fire, The Lion’s Game, The Gold Coast, and, lastly, The General’s Daughter. Terrorism plays an important role in all his books. NewsReal Blog had the pleasure of interviewing him about The Lion, a sequel to The Lion’s Game.

NewsRealBlog: What is the plot of The Lion’s Game, the book you wrote in 2000?

Nelson DeMille: The novel tells the story of a Libyan terrorist, Asad Khalil, who seeks revenge for the 1986 Libyan bombings ordered by President Reagan. Khalil enters America on a mission to kill each of the bomber pilots as well as President Reagan.

NRB: Now ten years later you wrote the sequel, The Lion, why?

DeMille: It is a cautionary tale, a wake-up call. The War on Terror is still going on and I wanted John Corey to have closure. These novels are exploring the issues more than the mainstream media and Hollywood is totally ignoring the issue. The Lion’s Game was optioned for a movie. They wanted to change the Libyan terrorist to a Serbian terrorist which would have made no sense. They did not want to deal with the Libyan terrorist.

NRB: Will someone who has not read The Lion’s Game follow the plot in The Lion?

DeMille: When writing a sequel you have to structure something that moves forward at the same time as looking back. It’s very challenging. Also, when you write about current events you are not quite sure if the events are going to overtake the book.

NRB: Who are the protagonists in both books?

DeMille: John Corey (a special agent of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force), and his partner/wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield. In the sequel John is more tempered. He is not going to change his spots but Kate influences him to THINK the outrageous comments but not to say them out loud anymore.

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