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George W. Obama Part 9: Jon Stewart Curb Stomps the President

Posted on June 17 2010 10:00 am
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Well, President Obama can scratch off appearing on The Daily Show anytime soon. Jon Stewart would be like a shark in bloodied water, hungry to devour his prey.  Stewart, a mainstream liberal with lots of respect on the left (and even the right), has turned on Obama for failing to match his anti-Bush rhetoric with anti-Bush action in some of the most controversial parts of national security policy.

Stewart reviews some of these similarities with a genuine outrage that doesn’t appear exaggerated for comedic effect. The denial of habeas corpus to terrorist detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan; continuing rendition; arresting whistleblowers; reconsidering reading Miranda Rights to suspected terrorists; using “state secrets” to stop lawsuits against the government.

Watch the video below:

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As Stewart points out, President Obama’s actions would make Candidate Obama outraged. Two of the criticisms he has of Obama sock me, as I think most mainstream liberals would think Stewart went too far.

Included in the list of Obama’s flip-flops is his authorization of the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki and the preserving and expansion of “secret programs” involving covert operations. There is reasoned debate about the other positions, but how can anyone oppose these actions?

Does Stewart actually believe we shouldn’t kill a top Al-Qaeda terrorist who, by the way, should never be described simply as a Yemen-based extremist website operator? There are times when lethal force is authorized against American citizens here on the homeland, what makes al-Awlaki any different?

I was also surprised at Stewart’s anger over the use of “secret programs.” I don’t think when Candidate Obama said he’d end “secret programs” that he meant covert operations meant to gather intelligence and capture or kill terrorist targets. To end them is to end the War on Terror and to invite disaster. How Stewart can oppose Obama’s use of covert operations (note that Stewart isn’t targeting a specific aspect of them) is beyond me.

President George W. Obama. Get used to hearing it. I suspect that with Stewart’s criticism you’ll be hearing it a lot more often.

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