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Yaron Brook on Obama Administration: “To Them Knowledge is Insignificant”

Posted on June 16 2010 5:00 pm
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This past weekend I participated in the “Is the (Real) News Dead” conference at Pepperdine University put on by the American Freedom Alliance. I spoke on four panels, discussing the fall of the daily newspaper, the power of social media, and how New Media can be utilized in defense of free societies.

One of the other panelists I met and befriended was Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director for the Ayn Rand Institute. Throughout the weekend I was continually impressed by the thoughtfulness and precision of Yaron’s arguments and his passion for defending individual liberty.

Thus it was a joy to see Yaron yesterday on Glenn Beck:

BECK: We’re taking care of them. Here is the other copy of — this one is highlighted. I absolutely love this. When they talk about in — Ayn Rand, in “Atlas Shrugged,” she talks about how, you know, they are going to regulate the railroad.

And all these people are just nincompoops. All of the people in Congress and all the politicians are just ridiculously stupid. And they all seem like they’re Barney Frank. It says — it says here, “I say, are your railroads safe?” Kip Chalmers says, “Hell, yes. We’ve got so many rules, regulation and controls that those bastards wouldn’t dare not be safe.” That’s the kind of thinking that they have in Washington. That’s what’s happening with BP.

BROOK: Absolutely, that’s what’s happening with BP. The idea is that if government regulates it, then it must be OK. And then, when something goes wrong, what is the response of government right now?

BECK: Freedom failed.

BROOK: But it has — well, freedom failed and you have to fix it. They have no clue of how to fix it. They have no clue what it would require to fix it, the kind of mental effort, the kind of integration, the kind of reason required to fix the problem of BP.

Just fix it, because to them, knowledge is insignificant. So you know, actual work out there in reality isn’t significant. They just want their emotions and their thoughts to just come to reality like that, the complete language of this.

Read the rest of Yaron’s appearance on Beck with author Vince Flynn here.

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