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Obama’s Failed Energy Speech = Failure of Leadership

Posted on June 16 2010 5:00 pm
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President Obama is often mistakenly compared to President Kennedy. But Kennedy at least delivered great speeches that well captured the historical moment.

John Guardiano’s latest post at FrumForum

President Obama’s disappointing speech last night on the Gulf oil spill fiasco reflects an even bigger failure of presidential leadership.

Obama’s “Green Energy” speech Tuesday evening has been widely panned across the ideological spectrum, with everyone essentially agreeing that the speech was “boring.”

But why was the speech boring? I think it’s because President Obama is completely self-referential and ideologically obsessed. He sees what he wants to see, and not the reality that he needs to see. Consequently, as president, he has completely missed the historical moment.

History now demands a fundamental overhaul and restructuring of the behemoth state. It demands a government that simply does a few things well, and not many things badly. A government that can barely manage delivering the mail, let alone respond effectively to a natural or man-made disaster, is not a government that should be trusted with massive new responsibilities like administering the nation’s healthcare delivery system.

Yet, Obama refuses to see this, because such a constrained or realistic vision would prevent him from pursuing his ideological adventures. It would prevent him from pursuing vast new entitlement programs like “comprehensive healthcare reform.” It would disrupt his utopian fantasy of a “Green Economy” with millions of well-paying “Green Jobs.”

Yet, great and captivating presidential speeches have in them a sense of history. They recognize what the times demand and they deliver rhetoric and substance that corresponds with history’s calling. Thus Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address…

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