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Is Social Justice Above the Law?

Posted on June 16 2010 11:00 am
A concerned American citizen who found her voice before the 2008 election when she undertook the task of debating with progressives about the impending doom of an Obama presidency. Ann has a Masters in Religious Education, and uses blogging as a way to uncover the lies of the Left.
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Some of our political, social and religious leaders appear to have an agenda different from what one would expect of a civilized society’s leaders. Along with the politically correct U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, FOX News reported yesterday that another group of enablers has thrown its hat into the ring against Arizona law SB 1070 (against illegal immigration), set to take effect July 29.  The U.S. Conference of Mayors spearheaded by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon met with two hundred of their counterparts to organize and lobby Washington to either stop or ignore the bill.

Villaraigosa’s resolution condemns the Arizona law as “unconstitutional and un-American” and calls for its immediate repeal. The other puts the Conference of Mayors in support of lawsuits challenging the policy and in opposition to the enactment of any laws “similar” to Arizona’s. Both measures call on Washington to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Excuse me?  What would comprehensive immigration reform entail if not a provision to enforce the law?  Reform is another word for amnesty. These leftist propagandists must take Americans for morons.

Americans don’t begrudge donating money or goods to those worse off. So, why must we stop our largesse when millions of foreigners wish to share in our prosperity? Enabling those who enter the U.S. illegally doesn’t help them change their lives for the better. Not in the long run, at least.  If these bishops and politicians really wanted to help Mexicans and other Central (and South) Americans raise their standard of living, they could set up more aid relief programs in those countries.  They could use their political prowess to fight the systemic corruption which is at the root of the extreme poverty from which so many of these Latinos are fleeing.

Living with rules and laws makes life easier for everybody. So why don’t these conferences ever address the criminal nature of the issue?  The only possible explanation for bleeding heart progressives’ utter refusal to look at the ill effects of lawlessness has to be a misguided perception that enabling criminals helps keep the lid on a pot ready to explode. And so they have decided that a vague concept of social ‘justice’ trumps the law. If they continue down this path, I’m afraid that we’ll all suffer the consequences.

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