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Eric Boehlert now walking around with big, nasty looking hand print on his face

Posted on June 16 2010 3:00 pm
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When I first joined NewsReal, my beat was the George Soros Steno Pool otherwise known as Media Matters. My editor told me, however, that he’d understand if I had to bail after a while. After all, the hateful, biased, mendacious atmosphere at that self-proclaimed “media watchdog” is highly toxic.

I toughed it out for a surprisingly long time. But yeah, a person can only take so much Eric Boehlert. (See here and here.)

If you agree, then you’ll love seeing Boehlert getting smacked down by actual journalist Matt Welch. Here’s what happened:

Over at Media Matters, Boehlert wrote a post called, “Why does the Los Angeles Times hate Obama?” Now, it’s news to most sentient beings that the LAT hates the president, but let’s play along.

Boehlert declares, “Some conservatives suffer from such an acute case of Obama Derangement Syndrome that they can’t even debate the issues of the day with out resorting to childish name-calling.” These “conservatives” at the LAT have committed the egregious sin of daring to describe the president as… “ex-state senator” and “the nation’s top talker.”

Oh. Uh, ok…

Pulling himself up to his full height, the outrageously outraged Boehlert concludes his “J’accuse” with this clarion call: “Why does one of the largest newspapers in the country allow its political writer to routinely disrespect the president in a casually insulting way?”

Enter Matt Welch, who is forced to respond with the blatantly obvious:

I don’t even have to do a Google search to know for a fact that when President Bush was in office, there was nobody on staff at the Times, and certainly nobody writing off the opinion pages, who was allowed to so casually insult the office of the presidency on a regular basis.

Yeah, he’s just kidding. Welch then lists all the rude things LAT writers said about Bush here.

But wait: there’s more!

…it appears that [Eric Boehlert his own self] personally cross-posted one of his own L.A. Times columns to a site called “The Smirking Chimp.” Boehlert, for his part, denies it, but Patterico went to the trouble — and it took some — to set up his own account there to see whether someone else could have posted it.


(I’m indebted to bloggers SmallDeadAnimals and Theo Spark (NSFW if you made the mistake of actually listening to your guidance counselor) for bringing this story to my attention. Thank goodness someone else is watching the “media watchdogs” so I don’t have to. My Hazmat suit is at the cleaners.)

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