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What’s God Got to Do with It? (A Reponse on Abortion to David Swindle, et al.)

Posted on June 15 2010 12:00 pm
For almost 30 years, David has been involved in the online community, blogging, and posting commentary on a huge variety of issues. As a career web designer, David spends his time around Philadelphia creating, programming, and debating.

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I thought I’d throw my hat into this debate in support of the notion that elective abortion is, indeed, murder.

David Swindle argues,

“Miscarriage is a basic fact of reproduction. Not every pregnancy will result in a new human being. That’s life and we accept that. And because of that at an instinctual level we do not comprehend the death of a first trimester human being as the same thing as the death of a developed human being.”

That’s false, and his article is an attempt to tell me what I believe.

First, if you believe that a human “life” begins at conception, then the moment the sperm met the ovum a “human being” has already begun. They are “human” and are a “being” in a state of gestation. The “result” of a human being, as David states, has already come to fruition. But, you have to “perceive” life as beginning at conception. I’ll address this in a minute.

Secondly, justifying that killing because it may not survive a miscarriage is like justifying the murder of your neighbor because next week he could get hit by a bus.

That’s patently false logic. (I love ya anyway, David 😉 )

Now, I agree that not all killing is murder. Death in military combat and to save a victim’s life is justifiable – although distressing. So, let’s determine which types of abortion aren’t murderous.

Aborting to save the life of a mother isn’t murder because much like any situation where another party’s life is in danger, you need to save them. The potential fetus is jeopardizing the life of the mother – much like someone with a gun in a dark alley – and the danger should be neutralized.

Eliminating a fetus conceived through rape or incest isn’t murder because the offending party (and resulting fetus) is using a woman’s body for their own gain, without her consent, and with potentially deadly consequences. We would no more want an evil scientist to probe us and do experiments on our bodies. In addition, legalizing rape or incest and their consequences would have a chilling effect on the social fabric of American society.

There are also cases involving fetuses with serious genetic disorders, serious congenital defects, and still birth. This isn’t murder because it a parent’s responsibility to do whatever they can to protect their children from harm and give them the best life possible. Eugenics and assisted suicide, in this case, aren’t even a consideration or comparison. The closest comparison would be pulling the plug on a family member in a vegetative state.

So, that leaves elective abortion. The fetus is healthy and barring any problem will be born. Yet, the mother, for various reasons usually related to convenience or finances, chooses to abort.

Pro-life advocates use the logic that life begins at conception and it’s illegal to terminate a life unjustly. The term “life” is a philosophically vague term and many pro-lifers use the notion of a “soul” imbued by God at the moment of conception as the method to define said life.

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