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From the Writings of David Horowitz: June 15, 2010

Posted on June 15 2010 6:45 am
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The attempt to identify me with a political faction in America that wants to put minorities and women in their place and preserve the dominance of the white male is typical of the way leftists attack those who disagree with them, regardless of what the facts may be. For students of Stalinism, this is known as the tactic of “amalgamation,” as when Trotskyists were lumped by Stalin with fascists and monarchists.

The accusation that conservatives want to hold back women and minorities is a pure fabrication; it is political libel. But it is one that leftists hold dear.

The second customer review of my book [on Amazon] stated: Horowitz “is simply wrong. The roots of evil, if we can discuss such in meaningful terms, certainly are not in minorities or multiculturalism or treating women as something other than doormats. If the roots of evil exist, they are in the willingness of people like Horowitz to glorify the individual at the expense of society.”

First, to reiterate: I have never said or written anything to remotely suggest that minorities are the root of evil or that women should be treated like doormats. The truth, once again, is quite the opposite. As for my criticisms of “multiculturalism,” they are focused very specifically on the efforts of radicals to use multiculturalism as a way of first attacking and then deconstructing America’s own culture of freedom.

On the other hand, this reviewer inadvertently lets the leftist cat out of the bag. In pinpointing the freedom of the individual as the enemy of the future, he identifies the actual pivot point in the great political debate dividing left from right. It’s not about a desire by conservatives to hold women and minorities down. It is about whether submerging the individual in the state and putting society under the tutelage of a political elite is the way to liberate anyone — and, most particularly, minorities, women and the poor.

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