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Burqa Prejudice

Posted on June 15 2010 3:30 pm
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by Kidist Paulos Asrat

Muslims have criticized Sex and the City 2 as islamophobic and “orientalist,” although I see nothing wrong with the second charge other than its allusion to Edward Said’s petulant accusation of the West’s prejudice towards the Orient in his book Orientalism. But, Sex and the City 2 is more convoluted and confused than that. It tries to be Islamocentric – all cultures are good, after all, and often non-Western cultures more so. But then, the feminist side of the Sex and the City gals and the writers kicks in, and they just don’t know what to do about all those insufferable Arab men who are holding their women down, especially through that ubiquitous burqa. Yet, yet, these Muslim women wear their burqas with pride, and insist that no one forces it on them. At least that’s what Naomi Wolf says.

But, in our own Western lands, the focus on the burqa and the niqab must not be what Muslim women allegedly like or want to wear (the covering is not an option for Muslim women), but what it means to our societies.

Read the whole thing at FrontPage Magazine.

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