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Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day: The Jews Fund Communism

Posted on June 15 2010 7:00 pm
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Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist DavidTehGnome left behind this bit of filth while trolling the comments on Matthew Vadum’s recent post, Did Bill Ayers Aspire To Be America’s Pol Pot?:

Hitler fought the communists, who happen to be at the core jews plain and simple. The fact that he is mentioned, albeit in passing and in somewhat dubious pseudo relation to the story I suppose tells me quite a bit about how desperate people are to equate Hitler (the fighter of marxists) to marxists themselves. It wouldn’t be “PC” to admit that communism is moved by international jews, who are responsible along with all the starry eyed fools and opportunistic ner do wells they could recruit , for over one hundred million murders under communist regimes in the 20th century alone. Look I know Germany lost the war, but please don’t insult my intelligence with this childish eternal propaganda against a regime long dead. To face reality and better our world, we must face the truth no matter how unpleasant. Hitler has NOTHING to do with communism in America and he diligently fought it in Germany as well as Russia. The fact that communism seems to follow jewish shot callers and jewish populations, wherever they may reside should tell you something about who funds what, who fuels this murderous ideology and how absolutely removed it is from European racialists. I swear, if people don’t start using their head they’ll someday find themselves, their children and their childrens children in a gulag. As a prisoner or perhaps a vapid guard.

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