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“Academia-Gate”: Exposing the Nexus of Labor, Universities, and the Far Left

Posted on June 13 2010 10:48 pm

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A simple lesson from our leftist betters in the top echelons of academia: Capitalism is evil. Unless you can pay post-docs $1,000-a-pop to write research projects promoting Barack Obama’s agenda. Then it’s good.

BigJournalism and other new media outlets have been drawing attention to an important story loosely referred to as “Academia-Gate.” At the center of the controversy is the “Cry Wolf Project,” a program offering money for research projects which demonstrate that common conservative complaints — for instance, “raising taxes in a recession will decrease the ability of people to feed their families,” or, “causing energy costs to necessarily skyrocket will make it tough for people to heat their homes,” etc. — are all just instances of “crying wolf.” The group’s stated objective is to feed the research to the media to counter conservative claims, but more to the point, to condition an immediate reaction of “oh, there they go again!” whenever a conservative issues a message of warning. (I sincerely wish I were kidding, but this is literally what they say.)

The project is of course being conducted by major players in the neo-Communist movement. The three principle individuals are: Peter Dreier, a far-left professor at Barack Obama’s alma mater, Occidental College, who is associated with numerous leftist organizations including the Campaign for America’s Future and Progressives for Obama. He is also a devoted supporter of ACORN and Big Labor. Donald Cohen, Executive Director of the Center on Policy initiatives is cut from similar radical cloth. Perhaps foreshadowing the “Academia-Gate” controversy, Cohen wrote in the Huffington Post,

Progressives have plenty to do to undue the damage and fully untangle America from the sway of the free-market faithful. Still, distrust of government is high, the institutions of government have been hobbled and the right wing message machine is still intact even if on the run. Fortunately, the progressive intellectual infrastructure, more developed and more capable than even just a few years ago, is ready to drive a new New deal, focused on 21st century economic and environmental challenges and reinvigorated with 21st century ideas (emphasis added).

I hate to break it to you, Mr. Cohen, but socialism is far from this new, exciting “21st century” idea you describe it as. In fact, if you take a look over at Europe right now, it seems to be a 21st century failure. But I digress.

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