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Turkish Captain Testifies: “I Tried to Stop the Preparation” of the Terrorists

Posted on June 12 2010 3:00 pm
Michael van der Galien was born in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden in 1984. For as long as he can remember, he has been obsessed with the United States. When he was 17 years old, he started blogging - of course about America. His articles have been published at Big Hollywood, Pajamas Media, Hot Air (the GreenRoom) and Right Across The Atlantic. He's also an editor for the Dutch conservative blog, De Dagelijkse Standaard.
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Israel’s Foreign Secretary’s Department released a video yesterday of the captain of the Turkish ship “Marmara” testifying how the so-called “peace activists” on board of his ship prepared to use violence against the Israeli soldiers enforcing the blockade. “I tried to stop the preparations for violence, but with no success,” captain Muhamet Toobel told Israeli interrogators. “I ordered the employees of the ship to collect all the iron rods (sticks).”

Toobel said that the extremists on board started preparing for their fight with the IDF two hours before their ship was boarded. Tensions suddenly increased, Toobel noticed, so he decided to conduct a quick check. He saw that Turkish members of the IHH had created iron clubs. This worried him tremendously, so he told his crew to intervene and stop the preparations for violence.

“I asked the second (sub) captain what’s going on and he told me ‘they cut the iron rods and put them on the bridge’. When the soldiers came on the board they (the activists) ran to the bridge and grabbed the iron billy clubs. Some of the iron cudgels I saw, I took and threw to the sea and others I hid.
I was not aware that there were such huge amounts of iron that were converted to weapons,” he continued.

The more information is released about the Freedom Flotilla fiasco, the clearer it becomes that the extremists on board, not Israel are to blame for the violence. They, not Israel wanted this battle. The IHH-fundamentalists knew that if they attacked the IDF and the latter fought back, the West’s mainstream media would ignore the initial act of violence committed by the wannabe Muslim terrorists and focus solely on Israel’s reaction, pretending that the IDF was the aggressor. After all, the MSM and many Western governments are simply waiting for an excuse to jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon. Realizing that a lot of Western citizens are pro-Israel, however, they know they have to wait for something to happen, and then quickly distort and spin it to make Israel look as bad as possible.

This is exactly what they’ve done with the flotilla incident. Waiting for the Turkish captain’s testimony and for videos of the fiasco itself to be released would have been the responsible way to deal with this controversy. But the MSM and the “international community” aren’t interested in being “responsible” (such an outdated value anyway, isn’t it?). All they care about is spreading their leftist, virulently anti-Israel propaganda. And, as captain Toobel’s testimony proves, if they have to lie and distort to damage Israel’s reputation, so be it. To them, the end clearly justifies the means.

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