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From the Writings of David Horowitz: June 12, 2010

Posted on June 12 2010 6:44 am
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Whatever happened to the triumph of conservatism?

The short answer is that there is confusion in the ranks. [Bill] Kristol and [David] Brooks identify three “tendencies” in the current conservative mix: anti-government, “leave us alone” sentiment; the family values movement, which wants to “re-moralize” society; and the federalists, who want to give power back to the states. What’s missing in these agendas, according to the authors, is America itself. The tendencies may, individually, be healthy responses to the threats from the left, but what’s missing is “a conservatism committed to national greatness.”

What really ails conservatives is not that people think they lack the lift of a driving dream, but that they appear to have a mean spirit. Republicans look like accountants whose principal concern is marginal tax rates, not the real human beings whose hearts, as well as minds, they need to win. For all the economic good times, the country is distressed about declining schools, drugs, an abusive popular culture, sexual predators on the loose. But what do Republicans talk about? Whether there should be a flat tax, a value-added tax or a tax credit.

Forget “national greatness,” whatever that means. Republicans would be better off asking themselves why the American people [wanted] Bill Clinton to implement their agenda. It is because — however weird this may sound — they trust Bill Clinton to do it with compassion. It’s the fair play syndrome. They like that Clinton tries to identify himself with America’s diverse constituencies, black and white, native- and foreign-born, middle class as well as the disadvantaged and poor.

Of course, there is great injustice in this perception. It is the liberal welfare state created by Clinton’s party that has destroyed the inner-city family and created a culture of poverty that has blighted the lives of millions of children. It is the liberal and Democratic apologists on crime who have made our nation’s once-safe streets a minefield of terrors for women and the young, especially in our poorer neighborhoods. It is the feel-good, relativist, anti-authority fashions of the “progressive” left, and their mouthpieces in the pro-Democratic Party teacher unions, that have brought America’s schools to their lowest ebb in the nation’s history, depriving children of the poor — who lack the access of their liberal betters to private education — of the most necessary tools to fulfill the American dream.

Now that would make a promising Republican platform. Liberate the American people, most especially minorities and the poor, from the last decaying shackles of retrograde liberalism. But to be credible in advancing this agenda, conservatives have to first reach out and show people they care.

Conservatism Needs a Transplant

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